Room of Russian flavours

At our restaurant you can sense a hint of the Russian Tsardom´s splendor, and feel the call of the old times valiant Cossacs. Uniquely decorated milieu, uncomplicated hospitality and delicacies made from high quality ingredients offer your party an unforgettable experience. The visit at Tsar will be remembered for the rest of the life.

Royally welcome!
  MON – THU: 17 – (23)
FRI - SAT: 16 - (23)


Best blinis with Russian Tsardom´s splendor!

Tsar`s Blini Menu -  Eat as many blinis as you wish - extra blinis free of charge!


Fluffy blini with accompaniments:
Beetroot gravad salmon
Whitefish roe mousse
Reindeer file tartar and forest mayonnaise
Wild mushroom salad
Smoked herring caviar and egg
Russian style pickled cucumber
Seaweed caviar and red onion
Eat as many blinis as you wish
– extra blinis free of charge!
* * *
Tsarina’s sorbet, berries Romanov and Champagne

35,00 / person

from 1.10.


Tšar’s menu

Zakuska – rich assortment of best Russian appetizers
Spiced beef – paprika marinated beef sirloin
and pickled cucumber sauce
Baked Alaska of Tšar,
salty caramel and champagne berry melba

With bear tasting portion 70,00



Traditional Zakuska, rich assortment of best Russian appetizers. 19,00
(prepared for two or more persons, price per person)

Porcini mushrooms in sour cream Julienne
and roasted brioche. 11,00

Borscht soup à la Mazeppa. 12,00

Kingcrab pelmeni stirred with dillbutter. 16,00

Bear pelmeni in strong bear consommé. 19,00


Fluffy buckwheat blini of the house with sour cream,
pickled cucumber, onion and hacked egg
Whitefish roe 19,00
Seaweed caviar 16,00
Caviar - price of the day


Overnight braised bear meat (tasting portion) 50g. . .. . 15,00

Main courses

All main dishes are served on a hot griddle with
Russian accompaniments: i.a. clear garlic potatoes,
sauerkraut, red cabbage and onion salad

Roasted whitefish from Inari lake with lemon Adjika sauce 33,00
Chicken Kiev – Crispy chicken fillet stuffed with lemon parsley butter 27,00
Red pepper stuffed with mushrooms and buckwheat, served with suluguni cheese 24,00
” Ivan’s sword” – Beef fillet, lamb fillet and smoked side of bacon, Adjika sauce 37,00
Tzar’s spiced beef – Paprika marinated beef sirloin and pickled cucumber sauce 31,00
Tender braised bear of Kainuu region with funnel chanterelle sauce 62,00
Flambèed with Sarajishvili Georgian * * * Brandy (since 1884). +13,00


Baked Alaska of Tšar, salty caramel and champagne berry melba 12,00
Beetroot chocolate cake and vanilla vodka ice cream 11,00
Vana Tallinn coffee 12,50
Tšar’s hot special, Russian tea with lemon vodka 11,50


In the glamorous and intimate dining room there are seats for 30 people.
The separate and distinctive Tsar private room for maximum 5 persons is suitable for the most important celebrations.
Our restaurant can easily be booked for private use as well.



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